Dodger Stadium Security

So I live in Los Angeles… I was kind of bored Saturday so I bought a ticket to the Dodgers-Cardinals game.  The police presence there was certainly visible. I do not think there was a point in the expansive parking lot that surrounds the stadium that was out of sight of a member of the LAPD. Honestly it was a little intimidating. It certainly is deplorable what happened to Bryan Stow, there is never an excuse for that kind of violence in general, and a sporting rivalry is no reason to beat another person. In fact, i’s probably one of the dumbest things to get violent over. Because let’s be honest, baseball is a game. A game we love sure, but still a game. Now some verbal mockery is about as much as I think one should put into that sort of rivalry. I know I’ve been mocked at Dodger stadium while attending Cubs games, but I wouldn’t even say it was verbal harassment. There is a line though, and if you’re swearing out an opposing fan you’ve crossed it. So putting a fan into the hospital is so far over the line I can’t even comprehend it.

Anyway, I’ve been to Dodger stadium as an opposing fan, and I never felt unsafe, but I also did not sit in the upper deck or the outfield bleachers (I could have just been naive as well). But the police presence in and around Dodger stadium Saturday night was intimidating, and almost too much. It made me wonder how much of the city does not have it’s usual LAPD patrols because so many officers are committed to watching Dodger Stadium.
How many other crimes were committed, and how many people were hurt elsewhere in the city of angels because the LAPD was station around a single event. I am by no means trying to trivialize what happened to Mr. Stow. What happened to him was inexcusable. But it was a single tragic event in a city that averages 300 murders per year. It’s impossible to know if the extra LAPD presence at the ballpark affected the crime rates elsewhere in the city, there are simply far to many variables. 
Did I feel safer with all the police officers around Dodger Stadium? Yes, and had it been a Cubs-Dodger game, and not a Cardinals game, I probably would have been happy they were there. But for the average baseball fan, the theater of safety was almost more intimidating than the occasional jeer I heard while sporting my gray Cubbies jersey walking through that same parking lot a year ago.

And so it begins…

My name is Stephen, I’ve never written a Blog before, hell, I’ve never kept a journal before. The closest I ever got was writing 3 years of a Journal for a character in a film I’m currently writing (albeit very slowly writing).

I’ve been a baseball fan my whole life. I love talking the game, I love watching the game, I love playing the game (though I wish I were better at it). It seems appropriate that my first blog is on baseball. In a sense, it seems like the easy way out. 
I am a lifelong Mariners and Cubs fan, and no, I am not a glutton for punishment. I was born and raised in Seattle by 2 Cubs fans. 
I’m not sure how often I’ll post but to start I’ll try and make it once a week. Let’s say, every Sunday. I will recap my thoughts on the week in baseball. I might post more often, I might never post again, I’ll play it by ear.
Until next time!